Radians – Standard Class 3 Mesh Vest


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  • Radians Class 3 Standard Mesh Safety Vest with Short Sleeves
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Class 3 safety vests are designed to protect the worker with maximum visibility. These vests are designed with the most hi-viz material coverage and reflective stripes for workers exposed to complex work environments. Class 3 vests are required in environments with high-speed traffic, high-risk environments and where the worker must be visible through a full range of motions at a minimum of 1280 feet (390 meters).


Product Numbers:

  • SV83GMM
  • SV83GML
  • SV83GMXL
  • SV83GM2X
  • SV83GM3X
  • SV83OMM
  • SV83OML
  • SV83OMXL
  • SV83OM2X
  • SV83OM3X

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